The Delights of Cooking Asian Food – Definitely a Unique Experience

Cooking Asian food might be enjoyable, and I’d personally recommend you doing so if you are sick of eating soups, salads or similar dishes you keep preparing every day. Of course, you will have to struggle with the recipes a little, but this shouldn’t prevent you from making delicious Asian food – like I did. My first Asian recipe was ramen – ramen noodles more precisely. I’ll tell you a little from my experience below.
After researching various recipes and tips on how to cook Ramen noodles, I have decided to use two packets of ramen I bought from a store, which both came with fish flavoring to make the food tastier. I liked the idea since it was practical, but I am extremely health conscious, so I decided to cook my own fish and push the flavorings to the side this time. I put a pot of water over high temperature, waited about five minutes, and emptied the two packets of ramen into the pot. As I was waiting for them to boil, I decided to prepare the fish – sushi, by the way.
I washed and dried it thoroughly, placing it in a small bowl along with a tablespoon of olive oil in my microwaves. After about ten minutes, I took the fish out, put it aside, and poured the fishy oil in the pot of water that was boiling on the stove. I added chile flakes and dried baby shrimp to made my ramen noodles look more appealing, waited another 3 minutes, then turned off the heat. I suggest you adding one or two eggs directly to the ramen after taking it from the stove – they’ll cook as you eat it, and they will bring a nice creamy flavor to your dish.
RamenNow, the toughest part – ramen sticks. It might look very simple on TV, but truth be told, it is way more complicated, and will require you a lot of dexterity – but practice makes perfect, right? I also added a sprinkle of chopped lemongrass, which made the ramen noodles extremely delicious. If you can’t find them in your regular supermarkets, look in a Vietnamese one – it will be in the freezer aisle.
Do what I did – be adventurous. You will never find a recipe that will taste like you’d expect, so you need to make your own and, most importantly, experiment. Add some bean sprouts, baby clams, Asian beet meatballs – everything you think will make your ramen noodles tasty. Just be sure to cook everything thoroughly, and you’ll be delighted.

Watching Basketball Game – Quick Tip: Avoid Using Your iPhone 4S

iPhoneI’m not usually a fan of basketball – I actually don’t like sports, unless it’s about my daily fitness routine. Since me and my husband were away from home last weekend, we decided to do something fun together, something we don’t do regularly – and he suggested watching basketball game. I was about to say no, but it could not be that bad, right? He already knew that San Antonio’s Spurs were playing against Oklahoma City’s Thunder – not so interesting or exciting so far, but seeing how thrilled my husband was, I decided to have some fun myself.
And finally, the game started – we were watching it on my husband’s old iPhone 4S, which had a pretty large display for letting us see everything perfectly. The Spurs were doing great, and they seemed particularly agile, as compared to Oklahoma City’s Thunder, who were running slower, and were not performing as well. I was not boring like I expecting to, and my husband seemed happy to see me engaging in an activity he was also excited about.
If you didn’t know, both teams did pretty well, as the score was very… tight. Spurs won with 5 points ahead Oklahoma City’s Thunder (112 – 107). The biggest issue we had was the bad Internet connection, which wouldn’t let us watch the second half of the match. The video was constantly interrupting, buffering every five minutes or so. The issue seemed to be solved, even though the quality of the video worsened. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves – which leads me to giving you the following tips.
In the first place, you will definitely need an appropriate device to watch a basketball game – it should necessarily support speed video streaming, otherwise you’ll experience continual buffering, like I did, and a slow performance at the same time. My husband’s old iPhone 4S was a decent device, but after using it for so long, it was kind of deteriorated.
And… be sure that you are up to date with the basketball schedules, and know when each game is programmed. If you are unable to watch it live, you might want to access the NBA official website and watch the videos recorded either by fans or specialists. The quality should be fair, but do not expect high definition imagery – you won’t get it. Me and my husband were disappointed due to this aspect, but we still enjoyed the moments spent together. And do not forget about a warm cup of coffee or tea – it will definitely make you feel better.

Hiking in How Weather – How to Stay Cool When You Have Nothing But Yourself and Equipment

Colorado-6I love hiking, and I always drag my husband on a short hiking trip whenever I have time. Whether it is about Colorado’s wonderful hiking trails or other similar area, I just cannot help myself – I really love exploring the nature, and living “wildly,” so to speak. However, I had not really expected to go through such a difficult situation when things should have been fun and enjoyable. I mean, I had not expected the weather to be so hot – it was melting everything around, and it was unbearable. Let me tell you how I (we) coped with this entire struggle.
Two weeks ago I have decided to visit Colorado with my husband. I had a whole week off work, and I could finally afford wasting my time exploring the area. We have packed the essentials, including a tent, two sleeping bags, and plenty of food and water supplies, plus other equipment we thought we might need, and we left. Little did we know that the weather was going to get hotter by the hour, until we were unable to continue hiking. We were thirsty, and we could not find a shady spot in the whole area, no matter how hard we tried. We had supplies, but how could they help us in that hopeless situation? We could not wait for the coolness to come – that would have meant waiting for the night to come, and it was not something we wanted.
Both me and my husband installed the tent nearby a large tree, making sure not to scratch it. We learned How to set up a tent a couple of years ago, when we went on our first camping trip. We tied a couple of garments we had handy to create a cover, and we hung it above the tent, to create some shade. Our tent had zipped windows, and we unzipped them to properly ventilate it. We changed our clothes to prevent sweating again – this time, we have used tank tops and shorts, to keep the hot weather from bothering us so much. We drank water, eaten a couple of sandwiches, and enjoyed our day telling stories, reading, and… sleeping. Until the other day came.
If you ever go hiking, be sure to check the weather and stay away from extreme conditions – you will regret it. Be sure to have appropriate equipment with you, which can save your life in such situations. Beyond a tent and a sleeping bag, you will need as much water as possible, foods, additional clothes, a flash light, a battery-powered fan, many – many – batteries, and so on. Trust me, you would not like to be unprepared for facing potential issues, such as unbearably hot weather!

The Benefits of Having a Car Insurance Even When Your Driving Skills Are Great

Driving a car can definitely be complicated – no, I’m not telling you this because this is what should be said, but because this is the truth. Of course, I was totally unaware that car accidents could happen all the time, even when your driving skills cannot be beat. I should probably thank God for having a car insurance, otherwise my car would probably be still completely damaged and not functioning. The story of my car accident – not a happy one, but one with a happy ending, though!


Last month, I was driving my car to the grocery store as usually, thinking about buying baby carrots and fresh berries for my two kids. When I wanted to turn the car to the right, I was surprised by someone else’s car, which has accidentally hit mine. The impact was not that strong – I didn’t suffer any injury, or, at least, not an injury that I could observe. My car (a blue Cadillac by the way), on the other hand, was nearly destroyed, with its capote severely lop-sided. Anyway, what happened next is probably too much to tell, so I will get straight to the point: the benefits of having a car insurance.
In my case, my insurance provider has covered the costs of the reparations, and this happened because it was not my fault – after all, I was turning the car to the right, when this driver came out of nowhere. I had priority, while he – well, he shouldn’t have been there, and there is no excuse for that. Since Cadillac is an expensive brand, I was already thinking about the huge costs of repairing, servicing and tuning it up – one thousand dollars perhaps?
Thanks God that my provider was kind enough to handle all reparations without charging me a penny. With this bad driving experience, I learned to be more careful at the other drivers, whose driving skills might not be as good as they should be!

By the way I had checked the information about car insurance before I contracted with a car insurance company (This site), so if you cannot make up your mind, to check the information will be a good idea to find a appropriate car insurance!

Finding the Right Coffee Maker for Making Tasty Coffee: A Challenge Indeed

Finding the right coffee machine can be daunting for many of us, especially since there are, if not thousands, at least hundreds of options to choose from. I have had a lot of troubles choosing the best one for me and my family, but my undying passion for tasty coffee made me overcome the challenge of buying and returning… about four different coffee makers? Let me tell you about my experience.
About five months ago I have purchased the 49983 2-Way FlexBrew from Hamilton Beach, intending to replace my old coffee maker – which was, by the way, an old Hamilton Beach model, as well. The best part about this new model was that I could make a full pot of coffee (which equals 12 cups) at a time, which was great for me and my husband, especially when some friends were also coming to our place. Anyway, I’ve had to replace the Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew because the coffee tasted like plastic instead of, well, coffee.
So I’ve went on and bought a Keurig B130 DeskPro, which seemed better from the reviews, and indeed, it made tasty coffee. However, I needed to replace it after a couple of weeks – it wouldn’t power on. The Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand bought by my husband was a masterpiece in terms of coffee-making capacity, but a fail in terms of taste. The manufacturer claimed that the inside was thermal and used “soft heat” to keep the coffee hot for a little longer, but it wasn’t really the case, since this Cuisinart model had only a plastic tub with a hot plate in it. The coffee tasted awful, just like it was “baked” – literally. This is why I prefer thermal carafes (pots) instead – they keep my coffee tasting great no matter how long it takes me to finally pour it in a mug.
I’ve also tried the Mr. Coffee DWX23, which made pretty good coffee, but now what I’d name a tasty coffee. So here I am – with my new Keurig K65, which makes the best coffee in the world. Of course, I’ve had to personally make a couple of adjustments to make it work great. I’ve bought a permanent filter instead of regular paper ones, which is simple to clean and maintain, and filters the coffee significantly better. I wouldn’t recommend you to do what I did, though – it was an awful experience, and a lot of money spent pointlessly. But experience – and practice – makes perfect, right?
Do research before buying any coffee maker – it will help you score big savings on time and money. Compare products, and be sure to call the manufacturer/retailer to ask for warranties or any money-back guarantee.Keurig K65

Tips for Buying Curvy Girl Clothing

Curvy girlShopping for women’s clothes is substantially more difficult than you can imagine, especially if you are a curvy woman like me. Finding the right clothes was a challenge for me, because I was hitting specifically on casual clothes that could make me look slimmer. After going from store to store during a few days’ time, I ended up buying a plus-size t-shirt and a lace dress, and I spent approximately $300 on both. Now many of you would probably say – are you insane? $300 for a t-shirt and a lace dress? The only problem is that buying curvy girl clothing is difficult when compared to buying regular-size clothes, and this is why I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to find the right garments for you.

Go for Affordable Prices
Buying curvy girl clothing means spending money – a lot of money, to be honest. Therefore, the best tip that I can possibly give you is going for affordable prices instead. I would personally recommend you choosing online stores – you have many great clothes to choose from, and you will also find the most affordable prices, even though you might need to pay the shipping. Last week I got skinny jeans for only $25, and they fit me like a glove, even though my legs are bulky. This link and this link

Buy Variedly
When you buy curvy girl clothing, you should consider buying different types of clothes and never focus on a specific style. I wanted casual clothes, and I ended up paying $300 – bad choice indeed. You can choose a dress, a skirt, a t-shirt, skinny jeans – basically, everything you need or want, which can be later paired to make you look great. Of course, you will get sick of browsing hundreds of pages only to find your size and desired colors, but your time will definitely be worth the struggle.

Always remember that you will be wearing those clothes, so never imagine how they would fit someone else. I am picturing myself in those specific garments before buying them, so I can also decide how I can pair them properly. You are curvy, but who cares? As long as you buy clothes wisely, you will look extraordinary anyway!